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One of the leading causes of death is cardiovascular disease of which heart attack and stroke still dominate.  The real question still confusing millions of people today is "why is there so much controversy when it comes to prevention of heart attack and strokes"?  While still true today, the real cause of heart attack and strokes has never been more clearly laid out in the medical literature.  The simplified version is that LDL cholesterol is not the villain and there are many contributing factors that need to be managed.  The program at Progressive Health Clinic has been used on thousands of patients to identify high risk patients and subsequently help these people to avoid the mostly preventable heart attack or stroke.  We can help you as well. 



This program is needed for people who are serious about prevention of a heart attack or stroke.  The guidelines right now for prevention of cardiovascular disease is commonly limited to management of cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  Calculation of a person's risk is made by using the Framingham Risk Score.  The shortcomings of this risk scoring have been studied for years, so how does a person really know their risk of having a heart attack or stroke?  This is where our program comes to the forefront of identifying person's at high risk.  With identification of plaque in the artery, the mere presence of plaque elevates the risk to high risk.  Call for more details.

Recent Patient Examples


Patient 1.   Male 77 years old, 6 foot 1 inch tall. 195lbs. Family history of heart attack. 15 years on rosuvastatin.  Recently had 3 stents for plugged arteries.  

Example of a person who's trusted that the cholesterol medication would prevent a heart attack.  More needs to be done than just take cholesterol medication in many cases.

Patient 2.  Male 57 years old.  Cholesterol medication for 10 years, blood pressure medication for 5 years.  Advanced coronary artery disease for his age. Why has coronary artery disease progressed?   A comprehensive blood pressure assessment showed inadequate blood pressure control.  More advanced cholesterol assessment showed inadequate control eventhough guidelines were followed.  Our program assesses hidden risk factors as well as typical risk factors.

Patient 3.  Male 50 years old, advanced coronary calcification (97 th percentile for his age), on a cholesterol medication.  Why has this happened?  Family history of artery disease requires assessment of hidden or non standard risk factors.  

These are a few examples of typical patients we see that benefit from more intensive assessment than commonly done for people with elevated risk concerns.  Make your appointment for your complementary consultation.  Take more control of your risks.


Informative Seminar

October 9, 2019

The link between Cardio Vascular Disease and Alzheimer's Disease

7pm - 8PM

Progressive Health Clinic

Event Details

October 9, 2019

The link between Cardio Vascular Disease and Alzheimer's Disease

Join us for an informative talk on the connection between cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease.  Hear how prevention of heart attack and stroke can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease. Hear how the proper management of risk factors for cardiovascular disease reduces the risk.  Hear how to do this naturally without medications.  The cost to attend is 25$ but space is limited so reserve your spot.  Learn about our Hardy Heart Program and how to reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke.  You may be at higher risk than you think.  

7pm - 8PM

Progressive Health Clinic


Our Current Medical System

Our medical system is being pushed to the limits to provide basic services to patients in need.  The underlying premise of the medical system is reactive and not a proactive system.  Many well intentioned members of our medical system do their very best to help the patient but with how the tentacles of the pharmaceutical industry extend into all areas of this system, there is little focus on prevention.    One well researched treatment option for menopause, peri-menopause, hormonal imbalance, aging, and disease prevention is bio-identical hormone replacement.  The research that is available to support  the concept of bio-identical hormones for replacement is being accepted more and more because the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting it's use can't be ignored.  Main stream medicine still does not support it's use though.   Another example of using functional medicine can be applied to the societal problem of obesity.  Our clinic adopts a functional medicine approach in our weight loss program because weight loss isn't just about portion control, calories and carbohydrates.  Our clinic is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive approaches to detecting and halting the progression of coronary artery disease which leads to stroke or heart attack.   We offer a combination of testing and risk management that is not offered at other clinics.  We are proud to offer an affordable comprehensive wellness program that focuses on screening for pre-diabetes, coronary artery disease, heart disease risk factors, and alzheimer's disease risk factors.